Lisa Kudrow, who is still most likely best known for playing goofy Phoebe on the long-running sitcom Friends, has uncovered that one of the show's numerous visitor stars once made a hostile, sexist comment to her off camera. "I practiced without cosmetics the majority of the week and afterward on show night I'm in hair and cosmetics and I was told, 'Gracious stunning, now you're" – would I be able to state it? "Presently you're f -,'" the performer told have Andy Cohen on the US syndicated program Watch What Happens Live. Kudrow cannot, in any case, to name the visitor star being referred to, despite the fact that she did affirm, in the wake of being asked, that it was not Charlie Sheen. She likewise did not give any data about precisely when the occurrence occurred, yet said that she was ameliorated after it occurred by her co-star Matt LeBlanc. "He resembles a major sibling," Kudrow said. On a more joyful note, the 53-year-old additionally talked about the advantages of playing out the tune Smelly Cat, a jingle made well known by her Friends character, with Taylor Swift in 2015. "I got a Christmas present," she uncovered. "There was a blanket...it was from her show visit. Also, different things, I can't remember.... A photo!" Kudrow, who seemed a year ago in the film The Girl On The Train and in scenes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, additionally as of late uncovered that she is not too energetic about the possibility of doing another arrangement of Friends. As indicated by Kudrow, the interest of the show lay in the way that its characters shaped their own tight-weave family... something that essentially wouldn't be sensible now that the cast is more established. David Schwimmer is 50, Matthew Perry 47, Courteney Cox 52, Matt LeBlanc 49 and Jennifer Aniston 48. "I don't see it happening. It would be fun, however, what might it be about? Consider it: The thing we loved best about the show was that they were twenty-year-olds and they were their own particular family. Presently, they all have families, so what are we going to watch?" she said amid an appearance on The Today Show.

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