Deface 5, 2017-The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has pulled down more than 1,400 illicit announcements conveying business messages of tobacco and liquor organizations, which cost the city around Rs10 million in income. The KMC is bringing down announcements around New Road zone in the Capital.

 The move comes taking after the Supreme Court arrange that precludes introducing announcements on the roadside, which could be conceivable visual toxin around the local area. The storing sheets are a noteworthy wellspring of income for the city, which had gathered Rs45 million in charges from the bulletin promotion a year ago. Reacting to a writ appeal, the peak court a year ago had said that notices on dividers, works of art, promotion sheets, announcements encroached individuals' entitlement to see lovely articles, making visual contamination. As indicated by an authority, upwards of 1,000 of the pulled down sheets had highlighted Ruslan Vodka of Himalayan Distillery and the rest had the notices of Nepal Ice, a result of Sun Gold Brewery.

The storing sheets which were expelled from the city viewing them as visual toxins amid the Saarc Summit of 2014, reemerged on housetops. "There are sure criteria including statures, plans, arrangement and area that are to be taken after to set up the accumulating sheets," said Abdul Majid Khan of the income division at the KMC. "We have been gathering a fine of Rs15,000 from the lead violators." As per Kathmandu Metropolitan City Advertising Policy, 2013, boards ought to be put 30 feet high or over an area that is 10 feet inside the principle street.

 The storing sheets surpassing the extent of 3 feet by 10 feet length must be outlined under an architect and ought to be safeguarded. Such sheets ought not square window sheets and patio of the house that hosts them. The region demands Rs 500 in expense for every square foot for the accumulating board and Rs800 for any sort of advanced showcases. In addition, the National Policy on Regulation and Control of Alcohol-2017 likewise bars any type of ad of liquor and tobacco items in print or advanced media.

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