Donald Trump's child-in-law Jared Kushner and the man who might get to be distinctly national security consultant, Michael Flynn, met with Russia's minister to the US in December, the White House has said. The sit-down at New York's Trump Tower was a "brief kindness meeting" which went on for 20 minutes. Mr Flynn was let go a month ago over allegations that he misdirected Vice President Mike Pence and other White House authorities about his contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. 

The Trump group's open bookkeeping of Mr Flynn's discussions with the diplomat have changed numerous circumstances. The White House did not affirm the in-person meeting — or Kushner's contact with the envoy — until Thursday. 

"They for the most part talked about the relationship and it appeared well and good to build up a line of correspondence," White House representative Hope Hicks told the New York Times. "Jared has had gatherings with numerous other outside nations and delegates - upwards of two dozen other remote nations' pioneers and agents." Ms Hicks said the meeting kept going 20 minutes and Mr Kushner had not met since with Mr Kislyak. 

The news came as Donald Trump railed against an "add up to witch-chase", as his Attorney General Jeff Sessions stood beside an examination concerning Russian impedance in the US decision, after it developed he twice chatted with Mr Kislyak amid the battle. The president said Mr Sessions could have been more exact in what he said in regards to his contacts with Russian authorities however pointed the finger at Democrats for exploding the debate for political reasons. 

"Jeff Sessions is a legit man. He didn't state anything incorrectly. He could have expressed his reaction all the more precisely, however it was obviously not deliberate," Mr Trump said in an announcement. "The Democrats are exaggerating their hand," Trump said in the announcement. "It is an aggregate witch chase!" Mr Sessions had been under exceptional weight as far back as points of interest of the two gatherings developed, the most recent organization figure to experience harsh criticism for contacts with Russia.

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