March 4, 2017-Construction work at the site of 102MW mid-Bhotekoshi Hydropower Project has at last assembled pace in the wake of seeing a log jam taking after fiascos like 2015 seismic tremor, surges and soil-disintegration. Development of all significant foundation, including the dam, is pushing forward at a coveted pace at the venture site. In any case, works at the site where powerhouse is being assembled have not started yet. In any case, the venture engineer has effectively recognized particular area to fabricate the powerhouse and works are required to begin soon.

 As indicated by Civil Engineer Sanjay Sapkota, 600 meters of the 7.1-km burrow has likewise been burrowed. The development of the whole passage is required to be finished by 2018, albeit past due date for fulfillment of this work was 2016. Development of six different passages at Chaku, Borderland and Jambu too has been assisted. Procedure of creating foundation, as worksite camps and a working for lab, is likewise pushing forward. "Development work at the dam site was slowed down for a long time because of land-related issues," Sapkota said. 

"Be that as it may, taking after a concurrence with local people on remuneration, development has started at the dam site." The venture has finished the undertaking of stretching out pay to individuals living in the venture influenced zone. The venture would have been finished before had it not been for cataclysmic events, said Sunil Kumar Lama, leader of the venture being worked by Chinese contractual worker Guanxi Hydro Electric Construction Bureau. Prior, the venture designer was likewise discovered liable of separating normal assets, similar to sand and rocks, unlawfully. Taking after this, the District Development Committee (DDC) had stopped the development of the venture for a while. 

The issue was as of late settled after the venture paid a fine of Rs1.3 million. The Chinese organization has conveyed around 500 Nepali and Chinese specialists at the development site. The venture is being produced by Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalvidyut Company Limited (MBJCL), a backup of Chilime Hydropower Company Limited.

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